Insect Macro Photography – Ants

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Photographing red wood ants with a macro lens and ring flash

As I have mentioned before, I find macro photography very fascinating.

Especially on the ground in nature. Among the small flowers, dead leaves, dirt and insects.

Discovering an entirely new world every time I move that macro lens in close is very rewarding in many ways.

The nature experience in itself of course is great, but it also allows for some unique shots.

These are photos that not that many others would bother to take, as it involves some crawling around getting dirty (or being crawled upon, as was the case in this situation)

How did I plan for this type of insect macro photography?

Depending on the insect, it might be a good idea not to have a too tight plan, as some of these creepy-crawlers are quite unpredictable and will force you to make changes on the fly.… Read the rest