Photographing Noctilucent Clouds

Noctilucent clouds over the town Gjøvik and lake Mjøsa

Photographing Noctilucent Clouds


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 You never know when or where a good photo op will occur.

That’s why I make a point of always bringing my camera whenever possible.

This time was l no exception.

I don’t remember exactly why, but I went for a drive around midnight august 5h 2013.

As I was passing a vantage point overlooking my hometown and the lake nearby, the sky caught my attention.

This kind of light was something that I had never seen before.

Not knowing at the time what this phenomenon was, I was just fascinated by this light, and the way it looked.

I later found out that it must have been something called noctilucent clouds (night-lit or night-shining clouds).

These are clouds high up in the earth’s atmosphere and they are only visible under certain conditions, which make them a rare sight.… Read the rest

Photographing A Moonlight Scene

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 Photographing A Moonlight Scene


The moonlight.

The full moon.

What else has been a greater source of mystique in stories, movies, songs or photos?

It can transform people into werewolves, turn them insane or be a measure of fertility.

A more down to earth way of looking at the moonlight though, is that it can make for some great photo opportunities.

This is the story behind the moonlit image at the top of this post.


How did I plan the timing of the moonlight scene?

The very first thing to do is to find out when the moon is full.

Photographing using the moon as the only light source is best at the night of the full moon +/- a few days.  More than a few days either before or after the full moon, the light will be too weak.… Read the rest

Photographing Ice and Water

 Ice and Water Photography

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Ice and running water has always fascinated me.

Especially from a photographic point of view.

There are so many possibilities photographing these subjects. Naturally formed ice comes in all shapes and sizes, and with its refraction of light, it creates endless scenarios for photographers.

Shape, color, contrast. It’s a very good subject for abstract photography as well.

H2O in its liquid state is just as intriguing. Especially in motion. Running water and long exposures can lead to some compelling images.
The long exposure is what creates the “cotton candy” effect in the running water.

What kind of photo gear did I use?

I knew I wasn’t going for a long hike, and I had a good idea of the kind of photo I was going for, so there was no need to bring a lot of equipment.… Read the rest