Rain Photography

Rain Photography

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I’m siiiiiiinging in the rain. Siiiinging in the rain. What a gloooorious feeling, I’m hap……oh….never mind.

Well, this article is not about 50s musicals, nor singing. It’s about photographing in the rain, and how I made the image at the top.

Photographing in the rain is a topic that has many a photographer deathly afraid.

-What if I ruin my gear?

…or even worse…

-What if I get WET?!?!

Yes, there is a serious chance of both, but read on and I’ll provide some tips on what to think about when photographing in the rain and how I made the image at the top of this article.


Why take pictures in the rain?

Yes, why go through all the trouble that comes with dragging yourself and your gear out in harsh weather?… Read the rest