Ski Trails Through A Winter Scene

Ski Trails Through A Winter Scene

I live in Norway.

For those who don’t know, this is way up north in Europe.

In latitude it’s about as far north as the middle of Canada.

The climate here allows for some very different seasons, from cold and snowy winters, to warm (and in recent years rainy) summers, and everything in between.

The current winter season came a little late here in eastern Norway. It wasn’t that cold, and we didn’t get that much snow until Christmas. Although, when the snow finally came, it came in spades.

January has seen about 30 inches (76 cm) of snow here. It’s covering the ground and trees, making beautiful winter scenes all over.

Skiing of all kinds is a favorite pastime for Norwegians. Downhill, ski jumping, cross-country. “Norwegians are born with skis on their feet” is a well-known saying here.

Although when it comes to cross-country skiing most people enjoy ready-made ski tracks prepared by machines, some of us also enjoy going off-track.… Read the rest

Surprise Sparrowhawk Photo Op

Surprise Sparrowhawk Sighting

Back in 2008, right after I bought my first DSLR, I went for a walk into the woods looking for opportunities to try my new camera.

I knew very little about using a DSLR. I had only owned the camera for about a week, when I set off with my Pentax K200d on full auto (green mode), with the 50-200mm kit lens attached.

As potential picture subjects, I was thinking along the lines of colorful plants and foliage, as this was in September and colors were starting to shift for autumn here in Norway.

I hadn’t gotten very deep at all into my thoughts along the dirt road I was walking on, when suddenly, around the corner, I saw something move.

I stopped.

Crouched down.

There in the middle of the road not far away from me sat a sparrowhawk, preparing its freshly caught prey.

Surprised by a not too common sight I almost forgot I had a camera with me, and I just sat there for a while, observing this bird of prey preparing its dinner.… Read the rest