Camera Bubble Level – How To Keep The Horizon Straight

How to use a camera bubble level and set that horizon straight.

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I bet you have seen photos with slanted horizon lines.

They don’t look very professional do they?

If it’s a picture of a lake or some other type of still water it looks like the water is about to run out of the photo.

It’s a thing that’s easy to overlook when you are so focused on your main subject that what happens in the background is kind of left out of the process.

I have done this often myself and there are remedies to correct this kind of thing in editing software like Adobe Lightroom.

Still, fixing trouble at the time of shooting is usually the preferred way as long as it’s possible.

Well, this problem is possible to correct.… Read the rest

Using A Camera Beanbag

Using A Camera Beanbag

You have probably heard that getting a good tripod is one of the best investments you can make to your photographic equipment arsenal to reduce camera shake.

I totally agree with that, but what about those times when a tripod is too difficult to bring along for whatever reason?

For example, if you’re hiking in difficult terrain and want to travel light, a tripod can be cumbersome (or just too heavy) to carry with you.

Other times you may want to use things from your surroundings as support like rocks, fences, branches or the ground, and you don’t want to damage your camera equipment (or yourself).

The solution for all this?

A camera beanbag.

Beanbags are lightweight, can be filled with different materials like beans (duh), rice, seeds, peas or Styrofoam beads.

These types of material absorb vibrations and reduce camera shake.

The bags you buy come in various shapes and sizes, or you can easily make one yourself to get exactly what you need.… Read the rest

How to use a CPL filter (in)correctly

How to use a CPL filter (in)correctly

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That’s what it can seem like.

Under the right circumstances.

Turning the ring of a CPL filter, looking through the viewfinder to see what happens.

Watching the glare from foliage disappear, the reflections from water being removed, or the sky darken and the clouds and colors pop.

The situations are many, where the correct use of a CPL filter can seem to work like magic on the scene in front of you.

Let’s take a look at how to use, and sometimes overuse, the polarizer effect.

When to use a CPL filter?

A CPL, circular polarizing filter, or polarizer filter is a piece of glass you attach to the front of a camera lens, which filters out certain parts of the light from entering the lens.… Read the rest

Remote shutter releases and how to choose the right one

Remote shutter releases and how to choose the right one

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So now, you have gotten serious about your photography adventure. You have invested in expensive camera gear and a tripod.

Still you are a bit unsure how to set off that camera without moving it and ruining the picture with motion blur.

What you need is some kind of shutter release. There are a few types of these camera triggers out there.

There are mainly two categories: The wired and the wireless shutter release.

The wireless kind can be divided into two subgroups: Infrared (IR) and radio triggers.

The IR wireless shutter release

I will talk about this type first, as this is my favorite for most situations where you are located close to your camera.

If your camera supports IR, this is in my opinion the most convenient way to trigger your DSLR.… Read the rest

Choosing a Camera Body

Choosing a camera body 

Sometimes you can hear people say,
“Wow! What I great photo. You must have a really expensive camera.”


“I wish I had a camera like yours. Then I’d be able to take so much better pictures.”

How many times haven’t I heard phrases like that. If you have been a photographer for a while and you have showed your work to people, chances are you have too.

So is that all there is to it? The price tag?
Of course not. A good photo still depends very much on the decisions of the person behind the camera (thank goodness, that is a big part of what makes this hobby interesting).

Some say, “But I need a BETTER camera. I want to take BETTER pictures.”

Then I ask them, “Better how?”

Then there’s silence…………

That is something that many people don’t think of. HOW the more expensive camera can improve their pictures.… Read the rest