Rain Photography

Rain Photography

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I’m siiiiiiinging in the rain. Siiiinging in the rain. What a gloooorious feeling, I’m hap……oh….never mind.

Well, this article is not about 50s musicals, nor singing. It’s about photographing in the rain, and how I made the image at the top.

Photographing in the rain is a topic that has many a photographer deathly afraid.

-What if I ruin my gear?

…or even worse…

-What if I get WET?!?!

Yes, there is a serious chance of both, but read on and I’ll provide some tips on what to think about when photographing in the rain and how I made the image at the top of this article.


Why take pictures in the rain?

Yes, why go through all the trouble that comes with dragging yourself and your gear out in harsh weather?… Read the rest

Insect Macro Photography – Ants

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Photographing red wood ants with a macro lens and ring flash

As I have mentioned before, I find macro photography very fascinating.

Especially on the ground in nature. Among the small flowers, dead leaves, dirt and insects.

Discovering an entirely new world every time I move that macro lens in close is very rewarding in many ways.

The nature experience in itself of course is great, but it also allows for some unique shots.

These are photos that not that many others would bother to take, as it involves some crawling around getting dirty (or being crawled upon, as was the case in this situation)

How did I plan for this type of insect macro photography?

Depending on the insect, it might be a good idea not to have a too tight plan, as some of these creepy-crawlers are quite unpredictable and will force you to make changes on the fly.… Read the rest

Photographing Noctilucent Clouds

Noctilucent clouds over the town Gjøvik and lake Mjøsa

Photographing Noctilucent Clouds


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 You never know when or where a good photo op will occur.

That’s why I make a point of always bringing my camera whenever possible.

This time was l no exception.

I don’t remember exactly why, but I went for a drive around midnight august 5h 2013.

As I was passing a vantage point overlooking my hometown and the lake nearby, the sky caught my attention.

This kind of light was something that I had never seen before.

Not knowing at the time what this phenomenon was, I was just fascinated by this light, and the way it looked.

I later found out that it must have been something called noctilucent clouds (night-lit or night-shining clouds).

These are clouds high up in the earth’s atmosphere and they are only visible under certain conditions, which make them a rare sight.… Read the rest

Composition: Five Pigeons On A Wire – The Rule Of Odds

A photo of five common pigeons on a wire illustrating the rule of odds

The Rule Of Odds


Sometimes, when it comes to photographic opportunities, you get something completely different than what you were trying to achieve in the first place.

That is what happened with this picture.

I had been out birdwatching, trying to get some good images of robins, but I had no luck this day. I only saw the bird a few times, and the photos I got was no good, blurry and from too far away.

That’s just how it is sometimes when trying to shoot birds or wildlife. You can wait and wait, but the opportunity you are looking for never occurs.

So I went home.

As I was parking my car by my house, I saw something moving in the rearview mirror.

This movement was a number of pigeons on the telephone and electrical wires across the street.

Although plain town pigeons are usually not that interesting there was something that caught my eye about these birds.… Read the rest

Macro Photography – Crushed Ice Texture

Macro Photography – Crushed Ice 


Macro photography is one of my favorite things to experiment with.

It opens up an entirely new world.

What is very small and tiny will be displayed very large on screen (or on paper).

This is the essence of macro photography. Displaying something small as something bigger.

In order to do that, we have to get in close. Real close. That’s why you’ll sometimes hear macro described as close-up photography and vice versa.

This is not always entirely accurate, but these two categories of photography are closely related.

To get a deeper understanding of the definition of macro, and the nerdy science and history behind it, look at this Wikipedia article.


How did I get the idea for this crushed ice macro image?

Well, this wasn’t one of those photos that took a lot of planning.

I was just walking across a grassy field in mid-November, and here in Norway, that means that it usually is quite cold.… Read the rest