Why you should shoot using the RAW image format

Why you should shoot using the RAW image format


Have you ever taken a photograph that is too bright or too dark?

Maybe you have taken a photo that is both too bright and too dark at the same time (difficult lighting situation, too much contrast).

Then you open these images in your favorite photo editing software and try to correct them, but you get frustrated when you realize it’s not possible to bring back any detail in the shadows or highlights.

Chances are you are shooting in JPEG-format, which just don’t contain enough data for what you are trying to achieve.


The JPEG image format

There are many types of digital image formats, with JPEG being the most popular and common.

This is because JPEG has a good quality to compression ratio. The file sizes can be small, but still provide decent quality (here’s the nerdy explanation of the JPEG-format).… Read the rest